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A transplant from Seattle, Jamey has been involved in Music & Theatre since the early 1980s. He is the middle child in a family of nine and started doing standup at the age of twelve, when he received a Mr. Microphone for Christmas. Using the acoustics of his family’s bathroom, his first performance received mixed reviews. "I think he is funny" "Yeah" "Looking" "Hey let's beat him up again" and "I made a poop." In 2002 Jamey re-entered the world of comedy and has since been a regular in the "Best of San Diego" show at the world famous Comedy Store in addition to many other clubs, becoming a crowd favorite everywhere he's performed for his very honest, funny, and likable views on his family life. He was a founding member of the popular sketch troupe Amish Television, has been in an award winning short film at the 48 Hour Film Festival, and is currently in voice recordings for a new interactive MP3 project to be announced soon. He'd wish you and your family well, but that would require getting off of the couch.

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