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Jaqi Furback
Huffington Post, Oxygen Network
New York (New York City)
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Jaqi Furback - Occupy Wall Street Origins

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Born "daddy's last chance for a boy," Jaqi Furback's unique perspective errs on the side of the masculine. Her material is opinionated, and neurotic: grounded heavily in life experience and overanalytical observations. Her humor is dark, clever & laced with charm. Performing the words of others from the age of 6 until 20, Jaqi attended both Marymount Manhattan College & Cornish College of the Arts in attempts to receive a BFA in Acting. She did not succeed at that part of life, but it did lead her into studying with Seattle's Jet City Improv, and establishing a stronger interest in the world of standup. Since her official inception into standup comedy (2004), Jaqi has performed in numerous comedy & arts festivals up and down the West Coast. She's played every gig you could imagine: from the nationally reknowned Tempe Improv to a fort built on synthetic grass in a Puppet Clothing Supply Store. She is now writing for a pilot presentation with Google TV. She currently resides in New York City.
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Birthday: 9/28
Hailing From: Seattle, WA
Home Club(s): anywhere with stage time for me
Comic Inspirations: breathing
Favorite Working Comics: Tom Rhodes, Doug Stanhope
Favorite Books: Anything Vonnegut

Jaqi, sadly, has left soggy Seattle for arid Arizona. Her mind, like her comedy, is hopefully just as off-kilter there as it was here in Seattle. Tons of energy, enthusiasm and charisma--she is imminently watchable and likeable on stage. On top of all that, she plays a mean game of Splinter Cell on the XBox.
      -Peter Greyy

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