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Ellen Donnelly
New York (Long Island)
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I have finally found a way to help people, my life's work, which doesn't involve a pyramid scam. I am a comedy writer, and offer monologue assistance & editing for professional comics. Come to my new age touchy feely website dedicated to everyone who who HATES Yanni music...tired of being stalked by nosy "spirit guides"? Learn how to tell them to get lost so they go back to the other side, where they belong. Ever feel something has happened before (Deja Vu) and it just pisses you off? Sick of all the hype about Near Death Experiences? Fed up with hearing about Nostradamus and his freakin' quatrains? And what is the deal with life after death? Do you really see a light, and go through a tunnel, & then does some unshaven guy in a "staff" tee shirt tell you to take a number? And if you have lived before (Previous Lives) how come you can't remember a GOD DAMN THING? Find out why your spirit guides haven't been returning your phone calls. ATTENTION: ROTTWEILERS If you're bored, listless, and your coat is dull, maybe your owner isn't giving you the right dog food....Improve your karma - get your tail waggin' again...visit my comedy websites:
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Birthday: 9/10
Hailing From: Manhattan, New York
Favorite TV Shows: SIX FEET UNDER
Favorite Movies: Movies about Windsheild Wipers
Favorite Books: Large Print
Favorite Music: Gregorian Chants

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