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Justin McClure
LCS, USO Overseas tours, etc
California (Bay Area)
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Pretty Lovely
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Born and raised in bucolic Georgia, Justin McClure is more energy than a lightning bolt hitting a nuclear power plant and more likable than an Abba disco cd at a gay pride parade.

His affable presence and caustic rapid fire wit make him an immediate fan favorite wherever he goes. Displaying unique energy and an infec-tious personality, Justin is as original as he is hilarious.

With material ranging from obscure observations, irreverent outlooks, energetic ramblings, and cerebral premises to personal life experiences, relatable subjects, and common topical premises, he's able to satisfy audiences wher-ever he goes.

A tireless performer, Justin performs and writes every day. His ethos is not only to make everyone laugh, but to have a fun time, and along the way evolve ideas through humor, recognize the absurdity of day to day life...and laugh about it. With an austere writing discipline, Justin is very committed to being interesting and engag-ing as he is funny, hilarious, and entertaining.

Justin has performed with the top talent in the industry including Dave Chapelle, Dave Attell, Jim Gaffigan, Jay Mohr, Dana Carvey, and Robin Williams.

In addition to being fea-tured in all the top festivals, he’s been a semi finalist on Last Comics Standing, featured as a MySpace top comedian, and headlined overseas for our troops (USO tours)

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Birthday: 10/11
Hailing From: Cleveland, Georgia
Home Club(s): San Jose IMPROV
Favorite TV Shows: The Office (BBC), Squidbillies
Favorite Movies: Fight Club, Raising Arizona
Favorite Books: A Course in Miracles
Favorite Music: progressive rock, emo-hardcore

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