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Baron Vaughn
HBO Comedy Festival, VH1, commercials
New York (New York City)
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An Actor and a Comedian, Baron Vaughn appeared in Manhattan Theatre Club's "Drowning Crow" on Broadway at the Biltmore Theatre. A Graduate of Boston Univ. College of Fine Arts with a BFA in Acting, he started doing Stand-Up in Boston and made the move to New York where he can be seen at Stand-Up New York, Gotham Comedy Club, the Comedy Social and the Brooklyn Comedy Company. He's also appeared on VH1's "Awesomely Oversexed," regional and national TV commercials, and is a member of the theatre troupe The Civilians.

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Birthday: 12/18
Hailing From: Las Vegas, NV
Comic Inspirations: Pryor, Hicks, Cross, Chappelle, Cosby, Izzard, Rock
Favorite Working Comics: Jessica Kirson, Pete Dominick, Ben Bailey, Jim Norton, Jim Gaffigan, Ted Alexandro, Talent, Patrice O'Neal, Andrew Kennedy, Greg Giraldo, Ophira Eisenberg, Tom Shillue, Becky Donohue, Dean Edwards, Bill Burr

When you see Baron onstage you can instantly see how comanding, professional, and funny he is. But don't look away, because you never know what he's going to do next.
      -Denis Donohue

Baron is black... and I like that
      -Matt McCarthy

Baron is so funny it made me quit comedy out of self-loathing and go back to my day job selling insurance. Thanks, Baron, you talented bastard! Really, though, Baron can do spot-on impressions of every other comic in New York. He remembers everyone else's names, jokes, and facial expressions. The man has a brain the size of a planet.
      -Jennifer Dziura

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