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Bill Blank
Des Moines Funny Bone, Zanies (nash), Spike TV
Iowa (Central)
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Previous Comments

Billy will push your envelope from here to Madagascar. And only then will his fun have begun.
      -Josh Jacobs

Billy is not Billy unless at least half the crowd is laughing and at least half the crowd is offended. Sometimes, it's the same people.
      -Steve Hofstetter

See him now before the price goes up.
      -Kevin Fitzgerald

Bill Blank has made me his smokin bitch! I had to say no like a little boy being offered candy by a strange old man with thick glasses dressed like what about bob. Seriously you are the man. Thanks for opening the doors to your home. You are without a doubt a Comic ya dig! See you at the top brotha. Oh yead did we were take walks together?
      -Keith Terry

Saying he's the best comic in Iowa isn't really sufficient enough praise. He's able to walk the edge without falling off; the good kids like him and the bad kids love him.
      -Steve Boyer

Bill Blank is an Iowa Hawkeye fan, which makes him way cooler than any other comedian on the planet.
      -Curt Fletcher

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