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Bob D. Caterino
Book-Growing up Goomba, The Last Serial Killer,
South Carolina (Southeastern)
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Beware of the Stalker
5/28 - 2:17 PM

Politics is a serious business
5/9 - 2:26 AM


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Bob D. Caterino also known as Bob DiCat aka Dat Mob Guy was born and raised in a very mob infested area in Newark New Jersey and that's funny in itself although the mobsters never thought so. He began writing short stories, sketches and stand up material at the young age of twelve. He recorded his first written work called Reality (in the Mind of an Idiot) in his basement using two recorders over dubbing all the vocals and sound effects himself. The tapes were distributed all over the tri state area (New York, New Jersey) which landed him his first paying gig, a corporate event on the seventh floor of a banking institution in Jersey. He wrote three radio spots for a college radio station WFMU to promote their station for the then, top DJ John Nurooki.

He was doing a stand up routine at a local comedy club and was seen by Floyd Vivino and was hired to do a local television show on UHF called The Uncle Floyd show. He did his famous Groucho (Stretch) Marx character among others for three years making many personal appearances and doing tours with the show then consisting of Floyd Vivino the star of the show, Pat Cupo the side kick and now Bobby D.He bigins work on his second recorded work Your a pee on with such bits as Stoned Henge, Beat the Meetles, Parlor Mints, and many more funny bits.

He kept writing for publications and would freelance his work out. He worked using his skills to help out television and radio program friends trading on screen cameos and voiceovers for one liners and dialog. (Roseanne-Beverly Hillbillies rap) Continuing what he loved to do writing kept him He started work on his first book in 1996 titled Growing up Goomba He would get half through and shelve the book to help out a friend at a talent agency.

Bob kept writing in between guest stand up appearances and newspaper articles also writing for on line publications. He started rewriting Goomba in 2003 and finished the book in 2005. He is testing the waters for this new comedy Goomba and it was an instant success Many reviews praised the book for not only being the best laugh a second book out there but for its sometimes tear jerking moments. Growing up Goomba (Number one with a Bullet) is a huge success and he is starting on a new one called The Boys in the Back (Return of Godfadda) This spoofs all the godfather movies and promises to be funnier then his first book.

Basically a writer of many genres, Bob continues to follow his roots in comedy. He will always write comedy and just be funny. This is his first love since that first time in his crib watching Abbott and Costello, Marx Bros and listening to a Newhart recording called The Button Down Mind of Bob Newhart and a large assortment of music.

Now fifty years old the master of the art of comedy says he refuses to slow down. He writes when asks. He can be funny at the drop of a dime but his live performances are very rare these days. He can also tug at your heart strings when needed. A great comedian can make you laugh and cry said great comic actor Jackie Gleason. Bob always stood by that perspective.

His books are all best sellers. Growing ^UP^ Goomba (Pre Sopranos) The Junk in my Trunk, Sara, Son of Godfather, The Mafia's guide for Idiots, and many others.

When you slow down you shrivel up and start looking like a prune on Prozac. I took a year off and look at me; I look like something you would slow down on the highway for a glance a bad accident. You keep going and the payoff is making people laugh and nothing more. You do it for them because at this particular point in time, people can use a good laugh. Bob D Caterino. Today, he writes for anyone that will have him. Google the most downloaded humorist (Not comedian) in the world to see his body of work or visit his webpage and join the fun on his message board, The Caterino Boards at and as always have a great day and keep em laughing.

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Birthday: 3/31
Hailing From: Newark , NJ
Debut: 3/31/56 @ Bottom Line
Home Club(s): The Back Room
Comic Inspirations: Firesign Theatre, Abbott and Costello, Dennis and Richard Cesternino My cousins with impeckable timing and Durante
Favorite Working Comics: Lewis Black, Firesign Theatre.
Favorite Movies: More Than Diamonds (I am in it)
Favorite Books: Growing up Goomba-Sara-The Mafia's Guide for Idiots-Junk in my Trunk
Favorite Music: Beatles, Nilsson, Beach Boys and anything good.

Thanks for the comments. Hope to see you around the circuit sometime. Maybe we can share some Italian jokes.
      -Tony Austin

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