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Tim McIntire
Chicago Comedy Festival, KFJ Records, Nickelodeon
Massachussetts (Boston)
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Tim McIntire is one of the first club headliners in the country who began comedy well after the Boom of the 1980's, and is one of the first of the generation of comics who are bringing a fresher, more honest ethos to the comedy club. Named one of 9 comics "on the verge of stardom" by the Boston Globe and a "breakout comedian" by the Boston Herald, McIntire combines some of the smartest, deadliest material around with a charming, conversational sensibility. He is able to blend keen political observations with starkly personal stories, yet he avoids the preachy and pretentious pitfalls so many young smart comics fall into (he also realizes that bragging about not being pretentious is, ironically, kind of pretentious); rather, he whistles through the graveyard with an almost goofy glee.

And it's not just his material that has this razor sharp edge; McIntire's off-the-cuff skills are second to none. When he ad libs, he ad libs, weaving the immediate into his act seamlessly with the material, pleasing audiences to no end with his improvisations that avoid the 'whereyafrom, whattayado' canned responses so often heard from his contemporaries. This comic is a triple threat of writer, performer, and improviser, and he never fails to deliver the goods. He also hates phrases like 'deliver the goods.' He's one of the few comics who kills in both the 'alternative' and the 'road' rooms; his honesty on stage builds an immediate rapport with a crowd, no matter what club. He's funny without being phony.

All of his talents are perhaps best showcased with his work at the Comedy Studio in Harvard Square. The Boston Herald has called it 'darkly irreverent,' and Michael Blowen of the Boston Globe has dubbed it 'the best night of comedy in New England...' The Nickelodeon Network has recognized his writing ability, hiring him to pen episodes of The Fairly Oddparents.

He has recently released 'Scatterbrain,' his second full-length comedy CD.

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Birthday: 12/20
Hailing From: Colorado Springs, CO
Debut: 1/23/93 @ Jeff Valdez's Comedy Corner
Home Club(s): The Comedy Studio
Favorite Working Comics: Troy Baxley, Tony Moschetto, Frank Santorelli

Tim has class.... and the good kind. And he didn't steal it. I also did his headshots!
      -Bob Keene

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