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Gab Bonesso
NYCUCF '05, AOL Broadcast, Feat. for Richard Lewis
Pennsylvania (Southcentral)
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John Hodgman at the Rex Theater September 2013
9/9 - 6:07 AM

John Hodgman is Coming to Pittsburgh in September!!!
7/26 - 6:07 AM


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Baron Vaughn

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Gab Bonesso was born and raised in Pittsburgh. After graduating from Duquesne University with a BA in Theater she moved into stand-up comedy in mid-2002. Since then she has performed at every area comedy club and began to book, write and host her own weekly comedy show for a year at the Club Cafe in the South Side. She sometimes ventures into sketch comedy, performing with the Pittsburgh-originated Animal Club at the Seattle Sketchfest, and writing and performing two tours with her own troupe, the Ultra-Maroons, here in Pittsburgh and in Philadelphia (where the troupe opened for Sandra Bernhard at the World Cafe). Alan Cox, popular local DJ on 105.9 WXDX has said of her, "Gab is one of the most frenetic and inventive comedians to emerge from Pittsburgh in many years. She comes across as a raw, exposed nerve and you just want to touch her." In the May 2004 Pittsburgh Magazine article profiling Gab, Elena Passarello writes, "...She has the knack for wry, real storytelling that made Garofalo famous, plus the warped, soulful innocence of Belushi, with a dash of Chris Farley's manic energy."

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Birthday: 3/1
Hailing From: Pittsburgh, PA
Debut: 10/8/02 @ The Funny Bone (Pgh)
Home Club(s): The Improv (Pgh) and Club Cafe (Pgh)
Comic Inspirations: Woody Allen, Richard Lewis and John Belushi
Favorite Working Comics: Richard Lewis, David Cross and Sara Silverman
Favorite TV Shows: Weeds, Entourage and Dawson's Creek
Favorite Movies: All things Wes Anderson or Woody Allen
Favorite Books: As I Lay Dying, A Seperate Peace, Catcher in the Rye and Without Feathers
Favorite Music: Neutral Milk Hotel, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Frank Sinatra, Cat Power and Michael Jackson

When Gab is onstage I simply cannot avert my eyes. And sometimes I pee. Just a little.
      -Jamie Pierce

I'm definitely in love with this girl, but I'd say what I'm about to say even if I wasn't. Gab is hilarity incarnate. She's a powerful and intelligent comic that'll leave your head spinning from her energy and insight. She has the ability to pick apart a subject with such ferocity that all that is left is biting humor and tears of laughter. Fin.
      -Baron Vaughn

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