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Kantad Svendsgaard
The World @ Broadway Comedy, Club, Apollo, NYCUCF
New York (Northern NYC Suburbs)
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9/3 - 11:29 AM

Stand(up) For Change!
9/2 - 11:18 AM


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Kantad Svendsgaard, a New York-based comedian, is originally from Oakland, California. He co-founded and performed with the Improv group the Improvoholics. He has performed regularly with The World at the Broadway Comedy Club, and appears at local New York Comedy Clubs. He has performed in the 2004, 2005 and 2006 New York Underground Comedy Festival, and was a finalist in the 2004 and 2005 Carnival Comedy Challenge. In November 2005, Kantad performed in the world famous Amateur Night at the Apollo.

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Birthday: 10/27
Hailing From: Oakland, CA
Debut: 12/11/03 @ New York Comedy Club
Home Club(s): Broadway Comedy Club
Comic Inspirations: Pryor, Carlin, Murphy, Rock
Favorite Working Comics: Chappelle, Louis Ramey, Birbiglia
Favorite TV Shows: Scrubs, Lost, South Park
Favorite Books: Anything C.S. Lewis, Anything Terry Brooks
Favorite Music: Just about everything

Hoopachoo is the only comic I know that can do a stellar five minutes just riffing about his name.

It's a good thing that no club will give him more than five minutes on stage.

      -Harris Bloom

Hoopachoo is the funniest half-black, half-Norweigan comic ever.
      -Alan Schwartz

Kantad is a mixed breed...half funny and half hilarious. He's got well thought out, laugh out loud bits to match his very likable stage persona. His comedy cuts across all types of audiences and crowds. Watch out for this guy...he just might steal the show from right under you.
      -Larry Bailey

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