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Jimmy Meritt
The DC Improv, College shows, USO Shows
DC (District of Columbia)
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Obamacare or Herpes, which is worse? - watch more funny videos
11/21 - 5:52 AM

Mama’s Boy - 
11/14 - 5:52 AM


Jay Gates

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Jimmy Meritt spent his entire childhood staying up past his bedtime to watch "Late Night With David Letterman". A love of the art and craft of stand-up comedy was instilled in Jimmy at a young age, and after spending his youth listening to Steve Martin, Jerry Seinfeld, and Robert Klein, at age twenty Jimmy was finally ready to take the plunge himself. Jimmy dove into comedy headfirst. Thanks to his own dedication, and an active and growing comedy scene in the Washington, D.C. area, Jimmy Meritt almost instantly found himself going onstage at least four times a week. Thanks to his likeable stage presence, and strong emphasis on writing, Jimmy quickly became a crowd favorite with both discerning audience members, and fellow comedians. Brett Leake described Jimmy's act as "Above the belt, between the ears material, energetically performed". With his Geeky Charm and a host of unique, yet accessible topics, Jimmy Meritt is sure to be a stand-out at any show. Jimmy has been seen at many area venues, including the DC Improv, the Baltimore Comedy Factory,Richmond Funnybone, Club Ha!, The Thoroghood Inn, Cozzys, Jrs. Last Laugh, the Hokie House, and thousands of area open mics. He's also a member of the ComedySportz improv group.

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Birthday: 1/1
Hailing From: Washington, dc
Debut: 9/20/02 @ D.C. Improv
Home Club(s): Club Ha!, Thoroghood Inn, The Comedy Spot
Comic Inspirations: David Letterman, Steve Martin, and Daffy Duck
Favorite Working Comics: Brett Leake, Will Durst, Todd Barry, Jim Gaffigan
Favorite TV Shows: Justice League, Battlestar Galactica
Favorite Movies: Terry Gilliam films, Geek movies
Favorite Books: Kurt Vonnegut and Dave Eggers

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