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Tom Steffen
CBC TV, Great American Comedy Festival
New York (New York City)
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Positive Person/M&Ms/Weed Humor

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Tom Steffen looks like a sane person, but don't judge a book by its cover. His off-kilter outlook on life keeps audiences laughing for more. After nearly two decades as a successful radio personality and total theatre geek, Tom decided to plunge into a new area of show business. He began his comedy career in 2002 in Minneapolis, MN, and is now based in New York. He performs in clubs and other venues around the country, was a 2007 regional contender in Comedy Central's Open Mic Fight Contest, and more recently, he was a featured performer at the 2009 CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival and the 2009 Great American Comedy Festival. On stage, Tom shares the goofy adventures he finds in everyday living, from his days spent in a call-center cubicle as a customer service representative at a health insurance company (the most fun job in the world!), to the absurd and bizarre things to be found in the seemingly ordinary art of conversation.  All the while, Tom always manages to find a fresh take on the world around us that is sure to entertain any audience.

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Birthday: 10/5
Hailing From: RIver Falls, WI
Debut: 11/4/02 @ ACME Comedy Company
Home Club(s): ACME Comedy Company, The Creek and the Cave
Comic Inspirations: Jim David, George Carlin, Billy Connolly, Dana Gould
Favorite Working Comics: Dana Gould, Mary Mack, Tim Harmston, Yannis Pappas

Tom has the best hair in Minneapolis. Plus the man is funny. Have fun at The T-Bar. Great room!!!!
      -Shannon Thompson

Tom is one of the hardest working comics out there. Even at Comedy. If you haven't seen him - you haven't been going out. One of the few clean comics that can still be funny, but still able to muck it up when he's slumming with the rest of us.
      -Marc Dickhut

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