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Jennifer Dziura
Oprah Winfrey Network, SciFi Channel pilot
New York (New York City)
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Jen's tounge is a Tommy Gun of intelligence and wit. Her shows will leave you numb... in your pants.
      -Joshua Grosvent

Jen and peeps make for an amazing shirt and a set that's also quite good.
      -Mike Drucker

Jen is awesome. As Jen says pigeons should not be sold at a pet store...ok - you need to see her perform her's worth it. We need to get her on a Mintyfresh show!
      -Shawn Hollenbach

Jen is as funny as she is beautiful and that's pretty damn funny! A comedian who is as smart as a whip and looks like she might actually use one professionally. Go see a Jenny show today, you won't be sorry!!!
      -Aaron Haber

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