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Carly McMenoman
One of 25 Funniest People in TC, ACME, Top 5 at TR
California (Los Angeles Area)
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If he’s snoring, he must be alive…
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Carly McMenoman has been doing stand-up comedy before she could stand up. When she learned to read she began highlighting lines in Judy Carter’s “How To Be A Stand-up Comic”. In Middle School she was the youngest performer at the local High School talent contests. And by the time she was sixteen she had produced and marketed a comedy showcase to a sold out audience of over five hundred people. Her first DVD “Out of Quarters, Out of Pride” was produced from this show and is still selling to this day.

Currently Carly is bitch-slapping audiences with her special brand of feminist ideology. She takes what everyone woman thinks (and every man wishes they’d say) to an extreme, yet still appeals to even the most demure puritan… maybe. Embracing her in-your-face joke-telling style in conjunction with her thoughtful set building she urges her audience from their comfort zone and makes them laugh about it, over and over again.

Carly puts a cleverly awkward twist on her bits about drugs, sex, and other “Cinemax After Dark” type stories while her girl next door appearance makes her lovable and relatable. Then she hits them from out of nowhere making her the most talked about comic in any showcase she performs. She has perfected the “I can’t believe she just said that! But I love it!”

In the upcoming documentary “About A Comic” which chronicles Carly’s life as an emerging comic Louie Anderson had this to say about her comedy: “Carly is about telling the truth in a pretty straight-forward way, but extremely clever and funny in her jokes…She’s automatic. Carly is someone I predict will be a star.” Aside from comedy Carly can also be seen acting in films such as the 2008 Lion’s Gate release of “13 Hours in a Warehouse”.

Today, Carly resides in Los Angeles but can be found all over the United States from her former stomping grounds in the Midwest to opening for Louie Anderson in Las Vegas and everywhere in between. She has worked with comedy greats Kevin Nealon, Kyle Cease, and Russell Peters as well.

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Birthday: 6/23
Hailing From: Minneapolis, MN
Debut: 5/11/01 @ Acme Comedy Club
Home Club(s): The Comedy Store, House of Comedy
Comic Inspirations: My parents.
Favorite Working Comics: Louis CK, Bill Burr, Jon Caparulo, Erin Foley
Favorite TV Shows: Louie, Parks and Recreation, Wilfred, Modern Family
Favorite Movies: Jurassic Park, The 10th Kingdom, Fear and Loathing
Favorite Books: Dreaming in Cuban, Telex from Cuba, Born Standing Up, Fear and Loathing,
Favorite Music: Death MEtal and Techno... and I hate to admit it but top 40

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