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Aristotle Athiras
Sierra Mist Next Great Comic Semi-Finalist
California (Orange County)
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Aristotle Athiras at Martini Blues

Aristotle: BACON NUMBER 3 (Three degrees of Kevin Bacon separation!)


Mort Sahl
11/23 - 5:37 AM

Cyber Thugs With Nate Anderson
11/22 - 5:37 AM


Bob Schembre

Norma Jean

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"">Aristotle Athiras is a well-oiled comedy machine, and when I say well-oiled machine I mean he does the robot in front of the mirror with baby oil on his chest and shoulders. At an early age Aristotle was systematically exposed to countless hours of “Three’s Company”, child abandonment by a father with a mustache and the study of disruptive culture in the academic setting - also known as teacher taunting.

With this, Aristotle realized that his insecurities, abandonment issues and paranoia would make for a great comedy laser show on ice, and began his comedy career, earnestly, in 2004 without the ice and the lasers. Quickly, Aristotle became a recognized and respected comedic talent. Placing in every contest he entered, he won the Long Beach Comedy Festival less than two years after hitting the stage. Shortly after that win, Aristotle put his comedy career on hold while he continued his study of disruptive culture in college, completing a long promised accomplishment to his Mother after she told him a fairytale about a young lady who defied all odds and kept a baby despite it’s unreasonable requests for attention and milk.

Now, after finally graduating in January 2008, Aristotle is back to make you laugh so hard you'll start a trend called pee-pee pants washed denim! Aristotle has put his skills of mimicry and characterization to good use by creating characters that are seamlessly incorporated into his stand-up and grocery shopping. The only way to truly know what it is like to be at an Aristotle Athiras show is to see him live or go to a supermarket near his home – he loves Fuji apples.


Sink or Swim Thursdays - 1st Place and 3rd Place
Sierra Mist Search for the Next Great Comic - Regional Winner
Orange County's Funniest Person - 2nd Place
Ultimate Laff-Down IV - 2nd Place
San Diego Comedy Festival - 2nd Place
Comedy Battle in the Basement at Miceli's - 3rd Place


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Birthday: 7/28
Hailing From: Plano, TX
Debut: 5/1/04 @ Coffee Haven
Comic Inspirations: Lenny Bruce

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