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Courtney Cronin
California (Los Angeles Area)
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Previous Comments

Courtney is one funny, sexy broad! xOxO!
      -Rosie Tran

Courtney Cronin is not funny for a woman. She's funny for a comic. Any idiot who says women aren't funny has never seen Courtney Cornin.
      -Steve Hofstetter

Courtney has that rare combination of not only being very, very funny but also to be genuine and down to Earth. Love the Courtney Cronin
      -John Richardson

Sweet, beautiful, hilarious Courtney Cronin. Brilliant writing, flawless perfomances and a consumate professional. She's one of the good people...
      -Tom Dustin

Courtney Cronin will have the ability to approve or deny all comments left.
      -John David

Courtney Cronin once shot a man in Vegas just to watch him die.
      -Tim McIntire

Courtney! I know I owe you a Diet Coke. We have established that :) Your were fantastic at both URI and the New York shows. I personally enjoyed the originality of your material. You are very likeable on and off stage.
      -Joey Kirkman

Courtney is multi-talented and will knock your socks off!!!!! oxoxoxox
      -Leah Bonnema

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