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Kevin Israel
Appeared on TMZ, Sirius Radio, Perez Hiton
New Jersey (Central)
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Kevin Israel’s resume will make you look twice. Think of a job and Kevin has probably worked it during his 40 years on earth. He was a lawyer, a political operative, a communications specialist, and, of course, a stand-up comedian.

For over 15 years Kevin had been entertaining audiences with an act forged at his family’s dining room table, in his fraternity house, and in the halls of law school. Kevin has an act unlike any other, because it is his story and his alone. With razor sharp wit and the ability to improvise that only a lawyer could possess – once you see him, you won’t forget him.

Once considered one of the top political operatives in New Jersey, Kevin left that life and a lucrative position at a law firm, to pursue his one true passion – comedy. Now he tours the country regaling audiences with his decades of life experience. From stories of breaking his poor mother’s heart, to relationships, to the reality of growing up the only Jewish kid in his school, when Kevin leaves the stage you won’t just feel that you’ve seen a great show, you’ll know you made a friend.

Kevin has worked with some of the top acts in the nation. He has appeared on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX. He guest hosted the Sirius Satellite Radio RawDog comedy morning show and he won the prestigious Gilda Radner’s Laugh-off in 2013. Kevin was a star of the viral hit, “Gym Clowns” which has been viewed 3.3 million times and has contributed to Perez Hilton. Now he stars in his own web series, “B.R.O.’s” and cohosts “The Comedy Point Radio Show” on WMBS-590. Recently, Kevin was a featured contributor on TMZ.

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Birthday: 6/17
Hailing From: Monmouth County, NJ
Debut: 4/15/00 @ Rascals, Ocean

I remember the first time i went to an open mic night three and a half years ago, I saw kevin perform. i rmeber they said soem of these comics are ametuers, some are professionals. Even though i eventually found out that was a load of crap, i believed kevin was a pro. he has the look and the attitude of a comic. it also helps that he's Jewish. They could have used him while Moses was taking the Israelites to the promise land ( which i think was a the lower section of brooklyn). Anyway, for a good laugh, check out kevin. Most aspirting comics want to be him, he looks like your son all grown up, and i may have a man crush on him. Ok too much info. Dont miss out on kevin (unless its the Sabbath, it's understandable).
      -Mike Sgroi

If you are in need of a comic who can deliver the goods .... Kevin is your man. Kevin has a disarming stage presence and is very funny and likeable. His material is consistently funny, fresh and polished. He comes off as the consummate professional. You cant help but like this guy.
      -Robin Fox

I have had the pleasure of working with Kevin before and he never fails to make me laugh so hard I cry. He not only is a very funny comic but he is also one of the nicest people you will ever meet. If you ever get the chance to see his act, do it. This is a guy who is going places.
      -Kelly Shannon

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