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Rob Haynes
Tennessee (Central)
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11/17 - 4:58 AM


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It was a very cold and lonely night in Orlando, 10-22-1984. On this night the face of society itself was forever scared with the cry of a babe in the night. ROB HAYNES was born three rooms over from the anti-christ to little fanfare. At age 4 he moved to Johnson City, Tennessee where he became a social outcast. This was probalbly the greatest thing to happen to our hero, as being an outsider in a small east Tennessee town forged his wit and sense of humor by fire. Rob is currently residing in Nashville sharpening that wit into a razor edge that will earn him a spot along side the nations best young comics.

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Birthday: 10/22
Hailing From: Nashville, Tn
Comic Inspirations: Dave Attell, Doug Stanhope, George Carlin
Favorite Working Comics: Dave Attell, Wanda Sykes, Doug Stanhope, Mitch Headberg, Keith Alberstadt,Rich Vos
Favorite TV Shows: Comedy Central Presents, The Simpsons, Futurama, SNL
Favorite Movies: The Blues Brothers, Back to the Future, Clerks
Favorite Books: The Late Shift
Favorite Music: Linkin Park

I long for the day when Science enables me to clone Rob Haynes and create an evil army of hilarious funny-makers in his image.
      -chad riden

Rob is a great young comic. Always writing and improving, always hilarious. A real comic's comic.
      -Billy Wayne Davis

Younger comics take note: Rob Haynes consistently gets on stage and improves his work, EVERY TIME. No one grows as a comic this fast, it's uncanny. He's fast, funny and smart as hell.
      -Ryan Williams

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