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Marc Maron
Host of WTF Podcast, Two HBO Comedy Specials
New York (New York City)
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Previous Comments

Marc Maron is probably one of the best comedians out there. I can only hope that I may someday have the fortune of working with this brilliant mind somewhere down the line. Til then...Greg Manuel
      -Greg Manuel

Marc's fearless comic analysis of society and psychology is consistently on edge - both hilarious and thought provoking.
      -Danny McDermott

I saw Marc at the cellar in ny and his material is brilliant, love him
      -TJ Del Reno

Wickedly funny and bitterly smart, Marc never falls prey to whining or drowning--and that's a hard thing to do when you want to bring up the things that are wrong in this world and the things that annoy you. Besides, the guy co-hosted the US version of Never Mind the Buzzcocks and for that...major props.
      -Peter Greyy

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