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Steve Burr

New York (Western)
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Joke on Tom Simmons

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Steve Burr brings his iTunes podcast "3 Things You Never Talk About" to IN!


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4/19 - 5:47 AM

4/18 - 5:47 AM


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Steve Burr is originally from Rochester, New York where he began his stand-up comedy career with a first place finish in the 1998 "Funniest Person in Rochester Contest". From that moment on his hunger for the spotlight was born. Over the next few years Steve honed his comedy skills by going to as many open mic nights as he could find, as well as participating in comedy contests and by testing material on his longsuffering friends. From there he slowly worked his way up the comedy club ladder, selling tickets, seating people, serving drinks, doing guest spots and hosting, eventually arriving at his current position as a headlining comic who tours across the country. It doesn't just end there though... Steve also makes regular trips overseas to entertain US troops stationed in places such as Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Italy & Germany. In addition to his performing duties he is also the host and creator of his own iTunes podcast called "3 Things You Never Talk About" and can soon be seen filling the same role on a new program for the Turner Network called Odd America. Steves interest in being a comedian stems from his overwhelming lack of success in all other careers he has attempted. From the unsteady hands that resulted in his failure as a neurosurgeon to the depth perception problem that led to his downfall as a paratrooper, he has been fired or let go from almost every job hes held. Comedy is really all that's left. Luckily though, Steve seems to have found his niche. Realizing that when people go to a comedy show they are there for one laugh, Steve very naturally gets them to do just that. Combining great story telling, everyday observations, interaction with the audience and the simple desire to have fun, Steve brings the complete comedy package to the stage. He likes to give everyone a night away from it all and uses his personal brand of hilarity to do just that. He always seems to be having the best time on stage and with his silly antics you cant help but like him. So if youre looking for some good, clean fun, something a little different than anything youve experienced before, spend some time with Steve Burr and let the roller coaster ride begin. hence -->
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Birthday: 4/7
Hailing From: Rochester, NY
Home Club(s): The Comedy Club
Comic Inspirations: Jerry Seinfeld, Buddy Hackett
Favorite Working Comics: Bill Burr, Dane Cook, John Bizarre, Robert Kelly
Favorite TV Shows: Last Resort, Revolution, Howard TV
Favorite Movies: Fools Rush In, Troy, The Green Mile
Favorite Music: Classic Rock I guess, I'd rather listen to Stern though

Steve is a very funny guy who is as funny offstage as he is onstage. He's a comic's comic, and a good friend.
      -Ralph Tetta

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