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Susan Rice
Comedy Central ABC alot of TV in the 90's
Oregon (Northwestern)
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Started Comedy in 1983 in Portland OR. Went Pro in 1985. Moved to LA in 1986 and did the road and all the comedy shows of the late 80" and early 90's Evening at the Improv Comedy Express George Schalatters Comedy Club Premier Week of the Pat Sajak Show.. (ok I know but at the time it was a credit.) I worked the Impov's The Comedy Works all the Laugh Stopps Igby's the Icehouse and did Cruise Lines to make money. I have enjoyed my life as a comedian and love the people who choose this strange career. At this point in my life comedy means so much more to me than it did in my 30's or 40's. I have found my voice and my patience.Now I'd just like a pay raise. It is becoming increasingly important to the energy of this country that the comedic voice not be silenced by rising gas costs and exorbinate food prices. In a time of recession comedy has always been a comfort an emotional touchstone to those who find themselves screaming at ignorance. We are that voice.

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Birthday: 11/13
Hailing From: Longview WA, Washington
Debut: 3/16/83 @ Leaky Roof Tavern Portland OR
Home Club(s): Havey's Comedy Club PDX
Comic Inspirations: Paula Poundstone, Lucielle Ball Tootie Fields
Favorite Working Comics: David Crowe Dwight Slade Art Krug

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