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Dave Waite
Jimmy Fallon, Laughing Skull Fest Winner
New York (New York City)
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Dave Waites Bio Dave Waites oddball stories and rants have made him a favorite at clubs around the Midwest. A square peg who found happiness when he stopped trying to fit in, Daves hilarious tales of personal failure have won the love of audiences young and old alike. Although Dave is known for his constant grin, the first few years his post-college life didnt give him much to smile about. After graduating from Northern Kentucky University with a degree in the lucrative field of geography, Dave drifted through a series of jobs ranging from call center representative to substitute teacher, experiences that later became a part of his act. On his days as a substitute teacher, Dave says, My kids would come up to me and say, Mr. Waite, youre going to die from smoking! I was like, No, Timmy, more like drinking! After being fired from nearly every job and having zero luck at finding love, Daves self-esteem hit rock bottom in early 2004. His salvation came in the form of a newspaper ad for a stand-up comedy class at the Funny Bone in Newport, KY. Dave took the class and fell in love with stand-up, quickly gaining a reputation amongst both comedians and audiences as one of the Midwests wittiest and most unpredictable young comics. Also, Dave recently won the Jokers Joke-Off 2006 the funniest person in Dayton, Ohio contest.

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Birthday: 11/3
Hailing From: Cincinnati, OHIO
Debut: 8/26/04 @ Funnyone Newport
Home Club(s): Go Bananas
Comic Inspirations: Norm Macdonald
Favorite Working Comics: Pat Dixon, Patton Oswalt
Favorite TV Shows: Office
Favorite Movies: Fear and Loathing
Favorite Music: Pink Floyd

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