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Jason Tarr
The Male Intellect / Improv's / Laugh Factory
California (Los Angeles Area)
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Jason Tarr Unveils New Company Name, Brand Identity
2/5 - 1:57 PM

Jason Tarr Unveils New Company Name, Brand Identity
2/5 - 6:37 PM


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Jason Tarr was raised in Cleveland, Ohio. The home of burning rivers, the worst economy in the United States (2004), and of course the home town of Halle Berry! Where the only thing that changes faster than the sports fans opinions of their teams is the weather. I mean where else can you be shoveling snow off your drive in the morning and then be sunbathing by afternoon? Where nobody apparently knows how to drive because the morning traffic reports are longer than a Meatloaf song. Despite all this, Jason is very proud of his home town and to this day still gets his season tickets every year to the Cleveland Browns (They were free with his Happy Meal). Who knew McDonalds was a sponsor?&Anyway: Jasons first introduction to the stage and spotlights came when one of his teachers decided to put his charisma to use and asked him to be in a school play she was directing. Jason was instantly hooked and shortly after his 14th birthday, he began performing regularly at a local public theater called The Playhouse. It was here that Jason began his theater tutelage. He studied at The Playhouse for four years and appeared in 6 productions including "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory" and "Raggedy Ann and Andy". Just before graduating high school, Jason got his first taste of stand-up comedy. At the young age of 17, Jason's friends forced him to enter an amateur comedy contest (they double dog dared him!) at a local comedy club, The FunnyFarm, in Youngstown, Ohio. While Jason didn't win that contest (because he didn't bring enough friends to stack the audience), he did win over the heart of the club owner. The owner of the club saw great potential in Jason and invited him back to emcee his club nearly every Saturday. Over the next few years, Jason (like most comics early on) performed anywhere and everywhere he could including at comedy clubs, colleges, bars, and bowling alleys, in the Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan areas. Jason would sometimes drive nearly 5 hours just for 5 minutes with a mic and a stage. He quickly became a regular favorite at such comedy clubs as The Funny Farm, Munchees, and Its Comedy. At the age of 19, Jason hit the road as one of the youngest touring comedians in the country, playing several of the top comedy clubs and colleges nationwide, including Los Angeles and New York City. Jasons reputation also allowed him to land featuring roles for some of the nations top comedians including Louie Anderson, Carrot Top, Jeff Dunham, Harland Williams,Kevin Nealon, Marc Price, Pauly Shore, Pam Stone, Kevin Pollack, and Rocky Laporte. Jason has also become sought after in the corporate world where he has performed at benefit concerts for some of the nations top charities and companies including The American Red Cross, MADD, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Jason is very involved with charity organizations and routinely hosts comedy benefits to help raise money. After graduating high school, Jason decided to attend The University of Akron, Ohio, where he would later earn his Bachelors Degree in Business Finance as well as a minor in Theatre Arts. At the same time, he joined The Player's Guild Cultural Center for the Arts. It was here that Jason matured his acting skills and stage presence. Since 1992, Jason has appeared in over 15 productions, five of which he performed the lead role including "A Few Good Men", Hamlet, once again "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory", and "Cinderella. In the theatre, Jason has become known for his crisp diction, improvisation skills, and intense physical performances. After college, Jason tried his hand at several day jobs including a stockbroker, banker, and nightclub designer. However, his love for performing quickly drew him away from these professions. In 2000, Jason decided to pursue his comedy and acting career and relocated to the Los Angeles area, where he quickly settled down in Manhattan Beach, California. Today, Jason is preparing to star in Robert Dubac's national touring solo play: The Male Intellect: An OxyMoron. Jason is also currently writing his own solo play, It's Not You, Its Me! modeled after his stand-up material. Jason also recently started his own non-profit charity tour Chuckles for Charities, which hosts comedy benefits to raise money for such charities as The Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Hurricane Katrina. When not at home in Los Angeles, Jason continues to travel the road and is a favorite at comedy clubs, colleges, and theatres all across the country.. His wildly hilarious sense of humor and youthful skepticism have overflowing audiences crying tears of laughter - The Plain Dealer. His unique show, which concentrates on his experiences with relationships and dating, has something for everyone -The Sun News.
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Birthday: 3/16
Hailing From: Manhattan Beach, CA
Debut: 4/1/92 @ The Funny Farm Comedy Club
Home Club(s): The Laugh Factory / Cleveland Improv
Favorite Working Comics: Dane Cook, Jim Gaffigan, Brian Regan, Dave Attell, Chappelle, Rock

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