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Mamaí Theatre Company’s Inaugural Production “Medea” is Haunting and Fearless
6/25 - 5:57 AM

Mercury Summer Stock’s “Shrek” A Lively Journey Full of Surprises
6/18 - 5:57 AM


Alex Fossella

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Macio From the moment he was born, Macio has had a sense of humor. He had to! Being short, having a Caribbean accent, wearing his fathers clothes, and being made fun of at school, all attributed to Macios unique style of humor. Once he lost his Caribbean accent and received some hip clothes from his cousin, things started to happen- A unique and animated comedian was born. Macio began to observe and imitate people as well as his own idiosyncrasies. In his material, Macio confronts everything from raising his own children to his controversial views on religion. Jesus did drink a lot of wine. You see the size of the cups in the picture of the Last Supper? --I would've thought I saw Jesus walk across water too, after hanging out all night with Jesus! This intellect has been instrumental in leading him to starring roles in the hit syndicated comedy series, the Uptown Comedy Club which he wrote and produced, hosting NBC's late night talk show Later, and starring in his self-entitled television pilot, The Macio Show, produced by Quincy Jones and David Salzman. Macio had also performed with other great comics including Chris Rock, Damon Wayans, Dave Chappelle, Wanda Sykes, and DL Hughley. Since 1994, Macio wrote and starred in television ads for major corporations such as Burger King, Pepsi, Lincoln, and AT&T. He is responsible for the popular 1 800 CALL ATT ads starring Marlon Wayans, DL Hughley, and Charles Barkley. There is no doubt that Macio is a great talent. I feel that children will be his ultimate audience, but he must first finish the job of entertaining his peers.-Bill Cosby Whatever the subject matter, Macio always delivers. His conversational style of humor has enough color and wit to take his audiences on a ride of fascinating observational intellect. See him now on his new television show: MACIO'S Confessions Of An Addicted Mind. To view trailers of the show visit: or download you FREE episode on iTunes. You can also check them out right now- click video below: hence -->
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Birthday: 11/10
Hailing From: BROOKLYN, NY
Home Club(s): Comic Strip Live, NYC
Favorite TV Shows: MACIO'S Confessions Of An Addicted Mind

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