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Oh My Ribs!

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Friday Oct. 25th 8:30pm
6468 Santa Monica Boulevard
Hollywood, CA 90038

Barnacles Bar & Grill

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837 Hermosa Avenue
Hermosa Beach, CA

“I’m such a fan.”

Chris Osborn, Vice President of Marketing BizLibrary

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I am not really sure where to start. Erin Brown is one of the most uniquely talented people I’ve ever met and worked with. She brings a level of engagement and energy to her work that is truly rare! If you are looking for a professional to bring something interesting, fun, engaging and unique to your next event, you cannot go wrong inviting Erin to participate. In additional to bringing such a terrific professional approach to her work, she’s just a joy to be around. She’s brilliant with a sharp and observant sense of humor that helps make her productions one-of-a-kind. I would heartily recommend Erin to anyone organizing an event and looking to bring these qualities to it!


“Erin is the circus.”

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