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Robin Fox in Private on 03/17/12

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I finally after a long long long time decided I needed to blog about Marc Marons Key note speech he gave last week in Montreal. Go to my blog at...

Alive and kicking

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Hey anyone home?????? I still stop by from time to time just to see whats up on here. I started to move out of here like lots of us with Myspace and the Facebook came along and I got all wrapped up in that.

I post on tweeter and facebook. Some how short little blurbs are more my style than long blogging lately. I am working steady now and loving where I am. It never gets easier it only gets different. I still dont have a tape I love and I dont have a manager or agent.... but Im working and doing well on stage.

I am headlining most of the private shows Im asked to do and that has been a thrill. Blogging started to feel to personal in some ways for me. When I started I thought this was just going out to a small insolar community of people. Then family and women in town were mentioning my blog. I felt exposed. So now I tweet stupid stuff several times a day and feel connected in a larger and real way , just more as the thoughts bubble up.

I see many of you out there working and I am so proud of our small community. The funny and dedicated are all moving forward. Some of you have grabbed the gold ring and I am so proud of you. We all shared our early journeys and you all gave me the power to not give up and plod on. Its lonely out there as a starting comic it was nice to have a loving and somewhat dysfunctional family to come home to at the end of a night struggling for a dream.

Merry Xmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holidays to you all. xo Mama Fox

Too much information...

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It seems like ages since I have blogged. The main reason is I don't feel like anything I have to say is that important.... and some of the important things I might want to write about I feel cant be brought up on a public forum. The comedy community is small and close knit and somethings are better kept to myself.

I want to write about a comedy person I don't like. She is so unknown and so untalented that her existence at all should be of no circumstance to me. It just is this person has been so rude and for some reason so unwelcoming to me it makes me want to slap her next time we cross paths. She is at best a satellite comic who makes herself feel like she is happening by hanging around with a few other very successful comics.

I'm pissed just on principle.

I finally got my DVD for the Comcast taping I did. I did fantastic that night and want to rip the DVD and make copies and upload it online. I am finding this so unbelievably hard and Im so frustrated. I will have to go to the apple store. I did buy a Flip camcorder and I cant say enough great things about it. It HD and it has great sound. It is so easy to transfer to my Mac and burn a DVD or upload to the Internet or You Tube.

I got a haircut..... I hate it. My great haircut as seen on my bio and headshots... the stylist moved away.... to Atlanta. It looked good in the salon but now I look like I should coach softball. It will grow, but it is depressing.

I did another show in someones living room last week.... it was a girls night out, I have to say that doing an hour in someones living room for 20 women was a ton of fun. Its the second one of these and I really enjoyed it. Go Know.

Im doing a roast and I cant for some reason write a single joke. I like all the other people and Tom Ragu who is the Roastie.... I just am coming up empty. I have done 2 other roasts and did great.... why am I so blocked for this one.

Ive been so upset by this shitty weather.... it sucks.... today was half good.

I had my car towed a few weeks ago. I did a show and it ended at 11. I parked where I always do. I hung out with the comics and was really happy when a bunch of the guys asked me to join them for drinks down town in the Village. I decided to be good and get home early. I spent about an hour looking for my car till I realised it had been towed. I thought maybe I drove my husbands car? Maybe I forgot where I parked it. $187 dollars in cash later I got the car back and got home at 4am.

I am blocked by being my own manager. I have the tape, and the act and the time. I for some horrible reason cant seem to get the get up to write or phone some of the bookers and agents I need to. I am psyching myself out. I am an egomaniac with an inferiority complex. I know several people with less material and talent who work for these people.

I am starting my 7th year in comedy this week. Where did the time go? Am I where I should be? I think in many ways I'm further than I thought I would. I also see that in order to continue to move up it will have to come from me reaching out those who can say YES. I thought they would find me..... I'm no longer waiting. I'm not Young and On the rise. I'm not emerging. I'm not the next big thing. I'M HERE NOW and I am Ripe and READY. I am like the managers special.... Buy today - Eat Today. Its now!!!

On a sad note... I put my dog down today. Her name was Penny she was a Shitzu and lived 16 1/2 years. I am so sad and will miss her so much. It was very emotional and even though I have a puppy poodle in the house.... it feels empty without her.

I'm doing a charity event tomorrow night. This coming week my daughter graduates college. I'm doing a show Thurs for 300 all men by myself. I'm doing 45. This should be interesting.

Talent speaks for itself

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Dont count us old broads out.... YOU MUST WATCH THIS.... the talent can't be denied.

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