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My addiction to @midnight #hashtagwars

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I really don’t know who to blame for sure. Maybe I stumbled into it on my own. Like many things that are becoming popular I was once again late to the game anyway. In my Twitter feed I had seen over and over again posts that included a mention of @midnight and a tag the related to a joke. Friends that didn’t usually participate in such silly twitter games were taking part. What was most intriguing was that their responses were genuinely funny.

Now every evening as midnight approaches I pull up my Twitter app on my phone, find out what the designated hashtag is and begin tweeting out my contributions. Here are some of my more popular contributions from last night’s round.

Rear and Present Danger #Buttflix @midnight (6 favs)

Three Men and a Food Baby #buttflix @midnight (35 favs)

The Big LeBowelski #buttflix @midnight
(55 favs)

so if you’re a comedian join me in my addiction Sunday thru Thursday evenings.

Top Failures of Business Start Ups

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I got an amazingly simple and true email from, a business that helps business owners get started with advisement, classes and such.  It is a non-profit company that has helped me in the past and they have branches all over the country.  I am not even getting paid by them to do this! 

Here is a list of the TOP REASONS FOR NEW BUSINESS FAILURE.  I think every one of them is DEAD ON!

  1. Failure to plan. Many entrepreneurs feel that if they build it, people will come.  It seldom will happen this way.
  2. Starting as a single founder company.  When you’re a lone ranger, you’re overloaded with tasks.  You have full responsibility for everything. Objectively define your skill set?  Then find people to be responsible for the areas you are weakest.
  3. Failure to evaluate cofounders.  If your partners cannot do their assigned tasks, or cannot be trusted, then your business is bound to fail.
  4. Starting a business with friends and/or relatives.  Friends are just that; friends.  Relatives can be even worse. Starting a business on comradeship can be a blueprint for disaster. Business decisions cannot be made on the basis of friendship. Agreement of who is in charge can be difficult.
  5. No diversifying skill set. If all partners are experts in programming then who is going to do the operations?  Who is going to do the sales?  The marketing?  Etc.
  6. Taking ego to the work place. Ego in the work place can be very damaging.  Especially if the individual has a big one.  In a startup, it is not “My way or the highway”.  Instead, it is, “How can we all work together for the better good?”  One with the large ego is not the most important person in the company.  The vision of the company should be much greater than any of the founding partners.
  7. No pre-testing of the market. Without prior determination of whether your product or service is a viable option can lead to months, if not years of wasted time, effort, and money.
  8. Trying to sell everyone. When believe you have a net to capture everyone, you end up catching nothing.  Identify and target your niche.
  9. Putting business expenses on personal credit cards. This creates a load of debt, usually at a very high rate of interest that must be paid personally should the business fail.
  10. Having delusions of how revolutionary your idea is.  No business is that amazing.  Few ideas “change the world”.  It requires hard work and strong execution to become a successful start-up.


Ben Kronberg at Lexington Avenue Brewery Tonight

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Super Cat Productions and Nick Shaheen’s Stand Up State have joined forces with Disclaimer Comedy in Asheville to co-promote Ben Kronberg’s Asheville, North Carolina stop on his tour of the Southeast U.S.

Ben Kronberg will perform tonight, March 20th at Lexington Avenue Brewery with doors opening at 7pm and the show beginning at 8pm.  Tickets are still on sale until 6pm this evening (Get Tickets to See Ben Kronberg in Asheville).

Joining Ben on this show will be Asheville’s Tom Scheve, Kelly Rowland and the show will be hosted by Jason Webb.


Episode 55 of the Sushidouche Podcast is finally out.  In this one, well, you just have to listen to find out what happens with the Duke boys this week. Skeeter on the Bone make an appearance and America is filled with the sound of Chickens.

How to Fix Your Credit for Comedians

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Why is good credit helpful as a comedian?

Because it helps make your life easier. If you want to rent a car, if you want to rent a room, and endless other reasons that on the road you could benefit from having good credit.  Having good credit as a comedian is nearly a laughable subject.  Mostly because comedians typically have awful credit.  Let’s explore some reasons why.

1.)  Not enough income

  • This one is a given.  We don’t make as much money as other folks think.  More so, we have more expenses that eat into that income than most people who work a regular 40 hour job.

2.) Poor Credit Decisions

  • This is not related to late payment but to poor choices in securing credit that is not needed, like store credit cards with unrealistic interest rates or personal loans for things that are luxuries not necessities.

3.) Unexpected Debt

  • This is a super common one.  This is medical bills and other financed and billed items of debt.  Other examples include court settlements and home repairs.

4.) Bill Indifference

  • When you finally just stop caring.  This one is common for mobile phone bills and other utilities that go unpaid. People that end up with their services turned off for non-payment seem to care less about trying to make good on their debt.

Real Talk

Fixing your credit is a LONG PROCESS most of the time.  It requires dedication and persistence.  Occasionally it is pretty simple and just requires a few disputes and it is resolved, but that is for those that have kept their credit in good shape in the beginning.

What is your FICO Score?

First things first, we need a credit report that includes a FICO score so we can find out where to begin. A FICO score is your value to lenders as determined by a financial calculation created by the FICO company in 1989.  FICO was adopted by Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion (The three credit reporting agencies).  How do you get your credit score for free without falling into some type of subscription service trap?  Use  (They do not pay me for endorsing them, I just used them and they worked great for no cost.)

Pull a full credit report

You will also need to pull a full credit report, this is also free once each year through Experian, Transunion and Equifax.  Once you have done that you are ready to attack your credit improvement situation.

Where to begin

Find the reasons your credit is bad.  Examples of items that hurt your credit score and written off debt, late payments on current accounts and insufficient credit history.  First, tackle debt.  Credit cards and medical bills are typical negative items you will see on credit report as unpaid debt or debt with bad payment history.  You will also see misattributed or completely false debt.  What? You mean other folks debt can be put on my credit report?  Sure, collection agencies are lazy and often complete criminals.  They do a host of things such as falsely report bad credit on unsuspecting peoples accounts. The government has regulations put in place to keep this to a minimum but it still commonly happens.  So first things first, deal with the debt you didn’t create.

The Dispute Process

Like I said, sometimes you will see stuff on your credit you never did or participated in.   You must go to Transunion, Equifax and Experion and file a dispute on the erroneous items on your credit report.  Now comes the hard part, unrelenting persistence.  You HAVE to follow-up with each agency to find out if the item has been removed or what the result of the dispute was.  This takes time, sometimes as much as 90 days from the time you file. This is why I say it sometimes takes YEARS to improve your credit substantially.  All three credit reporting agencies now have a dispute process you can do online.  Here are links to all three (Experian: Equifax: Trans Union)

Building GOOD Credit

Unfortunately according to the way the credit reporting agencies work you really HAVE to posses some type of revolving credit that has a low but existent balance in order to improve your credit rating.  They want to know you are an active participant in credit to see what your current payment history is like. Most of you that have bad credit will not qualify for a credit card or similar credit account, therefore it seems you can’t do anything about this part.  Here are a  few companies listed by CNN Money that allow you to start rebuilding your credit.  Once you get one of these cards, use it wisely and responsibly and it will get reported to your credit that you are maintaining an open credit line with good payment history that is not maxed out.

How Long is This Going to Take?

It’s not quick.  None of it is.  I would say it will take at least two years to get your credit up to where it should be in order to do things like get a car loan of buy a house.  The benefits of doing this will be never-ending however.  Keep track of your credit and keep improving it.  One day you will thank yourself for it. Now back to writing jokes..

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