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"Save in her own land...."

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Let's paraphrase: "a comic is known save in her own land." I've been in rural mid-west for a couple months now after being away a few years. I love this place, did "A Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Universe" forget to put Iowa back??? The scene is actually great but one has to wonder how you could go well in Atlanta/Birmingham, etc. and then flop totally where you grew up. I seemed to be a poster child for "you can't go home again," or at least not on stage. The midwest is great, though, very polite. No heckling or glass klinking, just dead silence. I can now face the likes of comedy's version of Simon Cowell. That's why I love working so many different areas, some love ya, others keep you straight-faced humble.

Hello and tell me your image-ings

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Hello to all; having read through many of the blogs (I WILL get through all of them and the great info here)just wanted to touch stage with everyone. New to the soapbox, will get a picture on soon.

Comedy can sometimes be easy for a d. yankee in the south; open mouth, get snickers. Then, when people hear you actually work stand-up comedy, they expect the one line zingers. It isn't hack when you're actually in Alabama! Out of work? Oh yes, I constantly hear that I'm out of work. Hear that for writing, too. Ok, so being out of work we're the uncounted real Americans that have fallen off the unemployment office rolls and don't 'count' anymore. We're the majority! I'm not usually a political comedian - the overload would kill me.

Appreciated what one blogger said about comedy and timing: way too soon after something like Virginia to even touch it. I don't understand disaster comedy, anyway, except as stress relief for the people working in and through them: all EMS folks call burn patients 'crispy critters,' that sort of thing. Like the Nick Cage and Rosanna Arquette movie a few years ago (it's a classic for EMS people, it's called, "Bringing Out the Dead.")

Ok, I've written my "hey, how ya 'all doin'," ...politely...tell me what you THINK I'm like.

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