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Like Pearl Jam...

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I'm still alive. I haven't blogged in a long time, and I didn't want all my soapbox friends to think I forgot about them. I don't have any opinions on politics lately, I pretty much have nothing meaningful to say whatsoever. I watched dancing with the stars last night...I think Jerry Rice is gonna win. William Shatner is still awesome. The winter olympics are stupid. Soccer is a stupid sport. Terrell Owens is funny. Last but not least The Iowa Hawkeyes got HOSED in the Outback Bowl.

The Aristocrats: A Truly Liberating Experience.

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A few nights ago I did the Aristocrats . This was by far the most fun I've had on stage in at least 3 years. It's so great to go into a set actually WANTING people to hate you. It was awesome, I highly recommend trying this at least once. A major part of stand-up in my opinion is giving the appearance that you don't care if the audience laughs. If you have ever struggled with this, go on stage and do your own version. Obviously you don't care if they laugh, or you wouldn't be doing it. Then you can take that with you to the stage when you do your next real set.

It was so sweet. I did about an 8 minute version, and about 6 minutes in, people were getting pissed, booing, yelling for them to get me off stage. It took everything I had to not just bust up laughing and not be able to finish the joke. Of course, I taped it, and I will treasure this priceless item forever. Funny part is, you can hear the club owner, and a few other comics just pissing their pants laughing, while the rest of the crowd booed. In fact, I may put a price on it, and sell it at my shows. Has anyone else done this joke? If so, you have to back me up on this.

More Audio

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I have a couple bits on myspace now. Well, one is a bit, the other is what happens when you watch the news before going on stage. Anyway, if any of you guys are on myspace, feel free to add me. Especially the OG's. You know who your are. Jesse Perry, Mark, Ya know the Nashville guys. Greg, Adam, Mr. Eli, I know I'm leaving some out. Oh, yeah, my little brother Mike (yeah I called him Mike) Lemme. Sorry if I left anyone out, I know a lot of people have posted about myspace accounts, so I wanted to let Y'all know I was on now.

Bill Blank Online Radio

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Yo everybody! I'm on tonight, you can listen on your PC's. The show starts at 7:00 eastern time, and I'll be on during at the begining of the second hour (thats 8:00) for about 15 minutes. Give a listen. If you miss it, the show replays every 2hrs until 11am tomorrow, so that means I'll be on at 10, 12, 2 ,4 ,6 ,8 and 10. Hope you all get a chance to listen.

Comedy and Locusts Aren't as bad as you might think

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So our good friend Danny McDermott made his way to Iowa. We did the gig at a park in a small town. We performed from the black top of an outdoor basketball court in front of people ranging in ages 0-90. With no shortage of 4-year old hecklers. Everyone was seated on a hill in their own lawn chairs, and we went on after the local 8th grade dance squad humped the black top to "mickey". As bad as this may sound, it actually went great. We ate for free, the gig payed very handsomely, and we wrote about ten minutes on the way to the gig. I hope Iowa was a good experience for him, if he remembers it.

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