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A Monchhichi double whack pack blog

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A Monchhichi double whack pack blog

might just earn me a padded room

to call my own?

Ever remember something from when you were a kid and Google it?

I walked into Safeway the other day and saw a Monchhichi! I was so excited I think I peed a little!

I snapped a picture of it with my cell phone and sent it to my entire phone book and happily walked home with my groceries' singing the commercial from when I was a kid.

Y'all remember it right?

Monchhichi-Monchhichi oh so soft and cud-uh-ly … with his thumb in its mouth its really neat… fun to wiggle its little feet… La… La La - - La… La La… happy happy Monchhichi!

Come on now, it was exciting! It was the first time something goofy from my past found me before the stupid song got stuck in my head… making me search the web for a picture to go along with the memory.

Here's one for ya-

Ever try Googling something from your past and it's not found? It just happened to me tonight and I'm not liking it one bit! I feel betrayed, hurt even. What'd I do to deserve this? No, I'm not talking about the Monchhichi, my ADHD kicked in and I'm talking about something else now… keep up!

I get little tunes stuck in my head from time to time, usually its from an old commercial from when I was a kid and I hum it or sing or anything to bug the hell out of my child in public. (or even at home, just the bug the child is why I'm here)

When I get home I Google the product and show Kait the picture of it online. Yea, I'm still singing the commercial at that point.

Tonight I randomly bought a pack of tic-tacs and remembered the commercial for the Tic-Tac Double Whack Pack and started going "pop pop" and telling her of the product how it had two flavors and so forth… naturally she thought I was crazy and when we got home I Googled it to show her a picture and there is no viewable evidence of Tic-Tac Double Whack Pack anywhere!

There was however, a list of discontinued candies and still no picture of the double whack pack!

I did find these old same things they're selling now, as when I was a kid.

With no fun commercial causing me and my friends to slap our own mouths repeatedly trying to make the fucking "pop pop" sound like the cool people did on the commercial.

The closest I came to finding "double" anything having to do with Tic-Tac was this mixed up crap... This isn't fun!

So, does anyone else remember the Tic-Tac Double Whack Pack?

Let's talk about breasts and boobies!

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The BOOBIE blog

My last blog was all about men and their ball issues. Today we will talk about women and their boobies.

Boobs are powerful tools; we women use them in all walks of life... to get a man, promotion, free stuff, underage liquor, and sometimes better grades.

We get our boobs in different stages of adolescence and some come quick while other boobies grow slowly. I went to bed one night in 6th grade flat as a pancake, and woke up the next day with B cup boobies and I thought I was going to die! It's been all downhill from there!

Some of us hate our boobies, some of us love them. Some of us make them bigger, while some of us make them smaller. We are in control of the boob situation for the most part.

I think it's a proven fact that the one with the boobies makes the rules. Men talk to boobies all the time. And yesterday I had a blog dedicated to their balls and boobies kept coming up! Men think about boobies all the time.

I bet some of the men reading this are thinking about boobies right now and really aren't paying attention to this blog. They thought they were gonna see some nipples or something and are slightly disappointed at this time.

Small boobies are nice always perky and cute. Although it's harder to find smaller sized bras and could be a pain in the ass that way.

Medium boobies have the best of both worlds not too big not too small. Bra shopping made easy.

Big boobies get in the way are heavy and shopping for bras can often be compared to finding a needle in a haystack! I hate, hate, hate them!

I know some women who like their boobies to touch. I try and keep my girls separated and sometimes need to adjust. But I do it in the bathroom, not out in public.

Ironically I think unlike women being disgusted when men adjust I think men would like if more women would adjust their boobies in public and that's just sad!

Boobies come in all shapes and sizes.

Big boobies which I can personally say are a royal pain in the ass… big ones can get you in trouble though. It hasn't been proven, but I might be doing all this falling and trippin I do because my balance is off because of boobies?

I do know most women with small boobies want bigger boobies and women with big boobies want smaller boobies. Kinda like women with straight hair wants curly hair and vise versa! Seemingly that it is in fact true, that women are never happy with their looks.

What I don't understand, are these women who get the gigantic fake boobies.

What's the point?

Ever notice most strippers have small boobies and porn stars have big ones? It baffles me to think there is some pre teen girls out there waiting to finish growing her boobies to make the decision if she is gonna be a porn star or just strip for dollars. Do they plan their paths?

Questions for my readers…

Ladies of my blog- do you like your boobies or hate them. would you change anything about them and why?

Men of my blog- What kind of boob man are you? And why? Are you a boob talker?

Do YOUR balls stick to your thighs?

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Do YOUR balls stick to your thighs?

With all the wonders of the world, I am fixated on the undying need for men to adjust themselves, no matter where they are and who's around. It's said that once a baby boy finds the family jewels, during some diaper change, that it's all over. I'm a believer.

Yes, friends… I'm talking about the scrotum, tentacles, nuts, AKA:

For years and years, I've watched men in all walks of like grabbing, digging, shifting and some men, believe it or not… are just holding their "stuff". Out in public out in the open, they think people don't see them doing it… well maybe they just don't care.

Can balls be that uncomfortable? Can it be that traumatic that you must adjust yourselves in public several times an hour? I think if you need to scratch your balls more than 3 times an hour, you need to see a doctor.

I call men out when I see them doing it by simply asking "did you get it?" some men smile and answer yes, the more perverse will say no, and go for another dig, and some act like they don't know what I'm talking about.

I have reason to believe that while reading this blog several balls will have already been adjusted and I want to know why?

Whenever I ask the question why, I get answers ranging from itching and squishing to they stick to their thighs. So it's not a proven theory just yet…

I called Track out on his ball grabbing my first or second week working for him, when I asked "did you get it?". He was a little shocked. Not so much at the question, but at the fact he thought he did his "ball shift" in a way no one on the other side of his desk could see. Glad I could help!

So I have some belief that the men really don't know people are watching them do this, they think they have it down to a science and no one but their balls know they are being touched.

I don't look for this… I'm not stalking balls or anything, but I'm pretty observant to everything around me and I can see it across the room.

It happens a lot when men go to sit. It's almost like they are scared they'll sit on their balls or something? But the adjustment is made in the front? I have yet to see a man dig way back to remove his balls from his ass. Although I know a few men who might think that would be fun.

This one time Track and I took Kaitlin and her friend Arlene to a Washington Redskins game. As we sat watching the game and joking around, Track adjusted himself and I asked "did you get it?" and Arlene replied "I got it"… we cracked up and I thought Kait was gonna choke on her soda, because Arlene was talking about getting a joke, and Kait knew I was talking about Track getting his balls. The fun part was Track replied "thank you" when Arlene said "I got it" ~

I would like to bring this to the attention of the male mind… and ladies help me out here. Next time you see a man, any man, fishing around his crotch ask him… DID YOU GET IT? Cuz I really don't think they are aware that we can see them doing that shit!

To all the male readers of my blog, why do you grab yourselves in public, in private or when you think no one's looking? Do you care who sees it? Are balls that annoying?

Ladies of my blog, we don't go grabbing and adjusting our boobs or digging our crotches (even if they itch)! So why do you think the men around us think it's necessary to do it?

This concludes my blog about balls…

Original blog posted on myspace check it out – comments were funier than the actual blog!

He made me laugh; now he made me cry…

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And I didn't even know him like that! I woke up this morning and saw a comment on my myspace page from a longtime friend DJ Cherokee, saying "R.I.P. George Carlin, the funniest white man of all time. Guess, God needed a laugh." At first I thought it was a joke or something so I looked online and then heard it on the news. I dug through the archives of my blog to find this one… this is from April 22, 2007 way back when Kaitlin was dating Ingmar… seems like forever ago! So in honor of George Carlin, I repost this blog… and this statement I made to Kait and Ingmar on the way to the show that night, might make some sense to them now~ "he is a ledgend, and when its all said and done, you will be able to say you saw him live when NONE of your friends can ever see him live again..." (Archives) April 22, 2007 How fuckin old do I feel right now? I took Kaitlin and her boyfriend, Ingmar to see George Carlin comedy show tonight. At Warner Theatre in DC, with my friend Vickie... (Remember my friend the pack rat)?) Anyhow Ingmar and Kait had no clue "who" George Carlin was! Now this went .. the show... Who is he? Have I seen him in anything? We see a picture of George... then they say~ "He's old"... I get all defensive and shit and say "OK you little shits... this is a classic comedian... yea he is a bit older than the whipper snappers you are used to but he is a ledged, and when its all said and done, you will be able to say you saw him live when NONE of your friends can ever see him live again..." The show begins... the kids are cracking up! George has a dirty mind and his skilled use of the word "fuck" is so inspiring! We had a great time! A family show! After the show~ we walked many blocks to find china town and when we saw the arch leading the way straight ahead... after walking about a mile we glance down the street and Ingmar points out ... "look at that we wasted all that time walking and we went in a circle"... the theatre was just down the street.. Kait has jokes and says: "We are used to long walks in China Town from when we come with Track, because he can never remember where his car is" Anyhow during dinner we discuss the show and how George used to be funnier but he is still great... and the kids start the Who is he shit again... The best way I could think of telling them who he was ... was to dig my brain back to the early 90's when Kait was in love with Barney (the purple fucker I thank God she grew out of).... Not even when I tried to tell them George Carlin was Mr. Conductor on the Thomas the Tank Engine show that came .. Barney... back when they were 2! They both swore they never watched that show... But wished they did when the thought of Mr. Conductor saying "fuck this" and "fuck that "and most importantly "fuck yourself!" I had to let them down easy and explain PBS wouldn't allow such language on their channel. So they once again proclaimed "that show was stupid" ... Kaits best memory of the show was relived on the Metro, when she said" it was so funny when the old guy said: "the little girl caught the dad getting out of the shower and asked ... daddy, when will I get a penis? And the dad replied... after mommy goes to work" ~ did I mention it was a family show? ************ George Carlin May 12, 1937 - June 22, 2008 R.I.P.

Another blog in the making…

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I’m trying to organize a comedian get together on Saturday, June 14 @ Starbucks in DC… you know, to get us comedians away from networking on the computer! Some real hanging out and chatting time!

I sent E-VITES to all the comedians I have an email address for, but ANYONE is welcome to come, just RSVP (soon), because I will need to tell the manager of Starbucks an estimated count.

Here is the link to the E-VITE~ (copy & past or click)

See you at the Comedy People – Coffee Social!

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