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The Site , it lives!

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Like a moth in a bath, I have risen through the ladder of fire.




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Agggh This space has been used.

What the bloody hell

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You know this website has become more like MySpace for comedians. Not really but enough I would say. MySpace is out of control and it's sickly addicting I like being able to get my name out to hundreds of people as well as building up a rather large army of friends and allies most of whom I've never talked to before in my life. So if your a comedian and reading this I suggest you sign up for MYSPACE, and tell em Joe Pontillo sent you.

New film coming out

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hooray for Hollywood. My cohorts and I will be releasing a new film about 30 minutes long entitled the Batman Syndrome. For more information go to Also if you are a comedian or booker or whatever looking to get a website done for them at affordable prices check the contact sections and email the webmaster he is a Website builder in the New York Metropolitan area. He's also single....ladies?

Feel like ive been raped

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I want to reccomend to everyone that the best place to come up with material is in a swimming pool. Something about your penis being cleansed in chlorine is just funny. I was in such a slump a few months back, from about early april til the end of may. It was such a fucking rut, every show, even when i got a good amount of laughs, was just horrible. This was bad cause it was just when I felt like I had finally hit my stride. I finally was given a show which was a non-bringer show and fucking tanked big time. The last month and a half or so have been good but its going to take a few more shows for me to really believe I am where I want to be. Tommorow night Im performing at Caroline's at 9:00. It was supposed to be earlier by apparently this show can be thrown around and raped about because its like a pity show or something. I want to do more open mics but for some reason im the type of person who demands a large audience, how do I get over this clout. Be back later for details.

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