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Where have I been?

| 0 Comments | 7220 Views | Back to top | Posted on 12/30/2009 at 09:59 AM

It's been well over 3 months since my last blog and unless I've decided to make updates a quarterly thing, I'm way past due for one. So grab a cup of Joe, find a comfortable chair and I'll do the rest.

Since my last entry way back in September, I've packed up everything I owned, or rather wanted to keep owning, threw away the rest and moved back to my hometown of Rochester, NY. It was a surprisingly easy decision, motivated by the simple desire to be happy again. Sappy I know, but Los Angeles has an odd way of engulfing all aspects of normal life and then swallowing them whole. It wasn't for me and 4 years there was more than enough to make me realize that. So, with that in mind, I loaded up my buggy the first week in November and headed back east. It was my third time driving across the country in 2009 and hopefully my last. Although you never know, I'd love to do it one more time as a vacation kinda thing.

The trip back was an interesting one because I set personal records for straight hours of driving, 18, and also slept in my vehicle overnight a couple of times, something I'd somehow avoided doing in 12 years of touring. It's an experience I think everybody should go through once...just once though.

Now that I'm back in Rochester I've been trying to re-evaluate my career and have determined that I want to try and find a way off the road. I don't want to quit going out altogether though, I just don't want to be gone for more than a couple of weeks at a time at most. That six month ordeal I endured this year was RIDICULOUS. I crave a more normal existence filled with mowing lawns, walking dogs and cooking dinner rather than having it handed to me through a window. As of this writing though that goal has eluded me and I find myself still taking bookings. I guess the wheels of progress turn slowly, huh?

So, 2010 is a year that I'm hopeful will bring the change I desire and my mission now is to make that happen. My goals, if you must know them, are to make "Comics Against Cancer" and annual event here in Rochester, NY and somehow, someway get my show, "3 Things You Never Talk About" up and running once and for all, with Tom Simmons or without him!

Enjoy the rest of '09 and I'll see you in April for an update!


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