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Life in the OKC

| 0 Comments | 6961 Views | Back to top | Posted on 04/18/2009 at 07:12 PM

My two month adventure across America continues this week with a stop in Oklahoma City, OK, where the tornado was invented and returns many times each year to visit. It's pretty nice here today though so I don't think I'll be scratching "see a real twister" off my list of things I want to accomplish anytime soon.

It's been a pretty good week so far and I'm really enjoying the company of the two comics I'm working with, Jason Russell and Susan Freeman. Our threesome has been joined the last couple of days by one of my old Rochester buddies, Ralph Tetta. He's in the area with a few days off so he made the drive to the OKC to hang out, and it's lucky for Jason that he did. Ralphie stopped a potential merchandise theft at last night's show dead in it's tracks.

Jason and I were set up outside the showroom between shows to peddle some merchandise, when during the commotion of shaking hands and moving product, some sticky fingered girl thought she'd help herself to one of Mr. Russell's T-shirts, something neither me or the J-man noticed. Ralph however locked in on her instantly and as she made her way past him he reached out and snagged the T-shirt out of her hands, to which she quickly replied, "do you work here?". Like that would have made a difference in whether what she did was right or wrong. Ralph told her he did and she beat feet out the door. I was standing right next to him and saw the whole thing happen, but didn't know she had stolen something so I wasn't completely aware of what I was seeing. I will tell you this though, Ralph was as cool as a cucumber in busting this chick and didn't even look at her or the shirt when he grabbed it back. He just reached out and plucked it from her hands like some kind of Secret Service agent or something. It was impressive for sure.

After fighting crime, Ralphie lent me a hand later that night playing a great practical joke on Jason, who made the unfortunate mistake of testing my wit, by attempting some lame ass stunt of his own earlier in the day. To get him back I collected about five empty Red Bull cans and strung them together using some duct tape. Ralph and I then took the cans and taped them under Jason's beloved Chrysler 300, a vehicle that he drones on and on about, treating it as though it were one of his children. I could barely contain myself trying to get him out of the club at the end of the night so we could enjoy his reaction to all the noise the cans would create as they were dragged on the asphalt beneath his car. He did not disappoint.

Upon climbing in his baby and pulling out of his parking spot the clatter started. He stopped the car, then started to drive again, before hitting the brake lights another time. He finally got out of the vehicle and walked around it looking for the problem before finally seeing the cans under his right, rear tire. Steve 1, Jason 0. And I may not be done yet.

We have two more shows tonight and then one tomorrow before I head north (I think) to Wichita, KS. I've been enjoying my road trip very much and I think it's because I've got my wheels with me, which now include a GPS system AND satellite radio. Nice, huh?

I guess that's all for now. I've got laundry to fold and you should be outside getting some fresh air, not sitting in front of your computer reading my musings.


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